Project Management Foundations

Kick off a project in RFPIO the right way! Learn key functionality about entering project details, how to import a basic RFx and key editing capabilities that will help simplify long-term project management.

Define project workflow from the get-go to provide visibility to the whole team. Learn how to assign work, how to begin responding to work assigned, and how to efficiently collaborate with your project team.

After finishing the response, you need to know how to carry a project across the finish line. Learn how to export your project to the source file, export to a template, and mark the project as complete.

Content Management Foundations

The Answer Library is the foundation for your response management process. Learn to add content, import a basic historical document and the basics of RFPIO’s content management framework.

As your Answer Library grows, organization is key. Learn expert tips and real-world examples about tags, collections and custom fields; bulk updating and key search functionality.

Keep your Answer Library up to date and clutter-free with these maintenance best practices. Learn how to utilize owners and review cycles, moderation basics, and how to manage similar or duplicate content.

RFPIO Feature Foundations

The more you use Auto Respond, the less you have to complete manually. Learn the steps to setting it up properly, how to run it, best practices for the most effective results, and tips on filtering and review.

Use the intake feature to enable sales and support teams to submit project requests to the RFP team for go/no-go decisions. In this video, learn how to enable, create, customize, and manage intakes.

Anyone who responds to a prospect, customer, or client in your organization can benefit from RFPIO. Learn how to add new users, manage all users, and take advantage of the out-of-the-box roles.

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